Cedar and Shingle Roofs
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Oak and Cedar Shingle Roofing

There are two main kinds of cedar wood used in crafting roofing systems, they are red cedar and white cedar.

Red cedar comes with a higher cost as it is the higher quality of the two and this a key factor when considering cedar wood for the roofing of your home.

This is why we prefer to use Western red cedar shingles, as besides its strength and longevity, Western red cedar wood is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, can withstand varying temperatures and climates, and contains tannic acid, a natural preservative.

White cedar is a less costly alternative but is still a good option. It ages attractively to a silvery grayish hue.

Certain types of white cedar wood, such as Atlantic white cedar, Eastern white cedar and Northern white cedar, are resistant to decay, will not splinter and provide good stability.

At Saffron Walden Roofing Contractors, we have worked with cedar shingles on many projects with both red and white cedar.

Our highly skilled team have years of experience with cedar shingles.

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