Aluminium Roof Repairs
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Aluminium Roof Repairs

Aluminium is another variety of metal roofing that we offer. We do a range of precoated aluminium that captures the colour pigments and textures of real zinc and copper cladding.

The result of this is a realistic and aesthetically pleasing finish, all for a fraction of the cost of more expensive materials.

Precoated aluminium is a flat rolled product with an aluminium core protected by a special coating. It has a long life, is lightweight, is easy to work and is eco-friendly.

Standard colours are zinc patina, graphite, dark zinc patina, copper patina, copper oxide and corten. Many other colours can be produced. We mainly work with Traditional Textures Aluminium, Prefa Aluminium and Falzonal Aluminium.

Our team are very experienced with aluminium roofs and aluminium rainwater goods, much like zinc and copper, we can supply samples if our customer is unsure of which colour they would prefer.

We make sure we do everything in our power to get the customer a roof that works and a roof that they are happy with.

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